NSW Police Campaign for Safer Driving


We were reading recently about a campaign by NSW police to try and do something about the unacceptably high level of serious accidents and fatalities on rural roads in the state.

So we are going to move away for once from talking about Kubota tractors and agricultural equipment and say a few words instead in support of this initiative

The basic police proposition is simple: “there is no such thing as a road accident – only bad driving choices.”

We reckon that’s pretty much correct though of course there might be the odd theoretical exception.  For example, a blowout at speed can be a problem and it’s not something that you necessarily can influence much one way or the other.

Even so, the police’s point is sound. There is simply too much drink-driving, speeding and aggressive driving on our roads.

Of course, this isn’t just an issue for NSW because it is an Australia-wide problem.

For more details, please visit – https://www.whitestractors.com.au/blog/342-nsw-police-campaign-for-safer-driving.html


Garden Equipment – FAQs


A lot depends here upon the type of equipment you are speaking about.

For a start, anything that is electrically powered should be thoroughly checked out by someone qualified before you plug it in and start trying to use it.

The same is obviously true of anything powered by an internal combustion engine. If you buy something that is, to put it bluntly, in a mess, then you may spend a long time regretting it and writing out some hefty cheques to try and put things right.

In the case of manual tools, providing the price is right and they’re in good condition, you should have no issues.

For anything more complicated, buying second-hand can be a good way of saving money but it might be prudent to only buy from an experienced and registered dealer in agricultural and garden equipment.

For more details, please visit – http://ezinearticles.com/?Garden-Equipment—FAQs&id=9890752

Kubota and Space


We are writing this blog just 24 hours after the massive TV coverage of Elon Musk’s huge rocket launch in the USA.

It’s impossible not to admire anyone who has their old sports car sent into deep space with a dummy strapped in the seat whilst David Bowie’s “Space Oddity is playing on an endless loop and “DON’T PANIC” (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy), is displayed on the radio’s screen in the dashboard. It’ll apparently orbit around the sun at the same distance as Mars, where it’s assumed it will remain for at least 300million years.

Showmanship? Yes – but impressive for all that

Whilst watching all this, I guess, we were struck by the millions of young people all over the world who were enthralled by the event and the sight of a big rocket lifting off.  That was rather strange for anyone much over the age of about 55, for whom the memories of the days when giant rockets were lifting off routinely on the way to the moon are probably very clear! Read more about………Kubota and Space.

Beep – Press Button “A” to Purchase your Kubota Tractor


The Goulburn Post recently carried an article bemoaning the lack of human interaction in some sales environments.

This came about because the reporter concerned had been into a Canberra store and found that nobody was around to make the sale. Apparently all you had to do was pick the article up, wave your phone and its app around somehow in the air and the transaction was then complete. You just walked out without speaking to a soul.

So, are you likely to come and see us in Goulburn sometime soon looking for say, some Krone hay equipment, only to find that the team have all been replaced with permanently smiling robots serving coffee? All you’ll need to do is to enjoy it, then wave your phone around aimlessly in the air to make purchases?

For more details,please visit – https://www.whitestractors.com.au/blog/340-beep-press-button-a-to-purchase-your-kubota-tractor.html

Top Tips for Selecting Quality Agricultural Tools

If you’re in farming, then budgets are likely to be tight and you’ll often be looking for economies. That’s virtually “business as usual” in agriculture.

However, one area you might not want to cut spending corners in is that of your tools. There might be little point in purchasing prestige items like for example Krone hay equipment if you then put that at risk by trying to maintain it with cheap tools.

So, here are some top tips for selecting quality tools.

  1. Look for recognised quality brands. If they’ve been around a long time and have a reputation for quality, then they’re clearly doing something right. Be prepared to pay a little extra, if necessary, for that reassurance.
  2. Learn a bit about metal descriptions. For example, if terms such as “HSS” or “Chrome Vanadium” don’t mean much to you, you should research them and other such technical designators. That’s because tool producers often use such designations to describe the quality of the metallurgy they use. Note that metal hardness isn’t always necessarily the only criterion behind selection – read up on that too.




For more details, please visit – http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-Tips-for-Selecting-Quality-Agricultural-Tools&id=9831597

So, You Need a New Set of Tools?


During one of our recent chats with a visitor, they commented that they’d purchased a new socket set recently.

They also said just how cheap it had been and it all sounded really good. Their joy at their bargain lasted right up until about the third time they’d tried to use it when various parts of the set had started breaking under stress. Apparently, the ratchets gave up first then bits of the main metal parts started to shear or “round”.

Now you can probably see where we’re going with this because we’ve blogged on it before (socket sets in particular seem to arise commonly in this respect), albeit a long time back. Even so, we’ll offer our thoughts again.

Generally speaking – cheap tools are a bad idea! OK, if you’re able to buy a quality second-hand branded set at a bargain price then good luck to you. That’s different. Read more So, You Need a New Set of Tools?

Tree Cutting – Be Careful


Now a lot of our great agricultural equipment and Kubota tractors themselves, can play a part in tree cutting. That’s great and most people, with a little practice and experience, can master the safe operation of a chainsaw.

Problems often arise though in one of three areas:

trees or branches falling on the person who has just cut them down (or bystanders/helpers);

people falling out of trees;

accidents due to inappropriate or absent safety equipment.

So, here are a few friendly safety reminders.

  1.  If you can afford it, get a professional in. If you can’t, question if the work is REALLY necessary right now;

2.  Take trees down in manageable top-down stages if you can. It’s safer.

3. Using ladders whilst wielding a chainsaw is simply an accident waiting to   happen. Don’t do it. Read more Tree Cutting – Be Careful