Using your Tractor with a Geiger-Counter in your Hand

The Kubota MX5100

Just occasionally, we wander off from the serious business of farming and agricultural equipment when something rather unusual catches our eye.

One such example occurred recently when, quite by chance, we saw an article or rather brief note relating to a nuclear-powered tractor developed a long time ago.

This immediately struck us as a mixture of incredible and hilarious. We had mental images of farmers around Goulburn driving their tractors in lead-lined anti-radiation suits. We couldn’t help smiling also at the thought of our customers bringing equipment into us and our first action being to run over them with a Geiger counter!

OK, this is largely a bit of fun but incredible as it sounds, there were plans in the 1950s and 1960s to use nuclear-powered tractors.  One such photo of a prototype is included here.

The idea, of course, is that such tractors run forever and on an unlimited range basis, given they virtually never need fuelling.  Of course, the practicality of this meant it never happened and the potential health issues, even in a full shielding scenario, are too horrific to contemplate.

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The Fundamentals in Tractors Maintenance


Kubota-tractorYou only need to know many forms of tractors utilized for farming and all about agriculture and farm equipment to obtain the most truly effective tractor for you. As you’ll need various varieties of compact tractor for certain tasks. Compact tractors are among the most well-known types chosen by lots of individuals in the business. If you would like your tractor to be in good shape, then you need to care for it while maintaining its Diesel Generator Set that has a lot of benefits with it. As a tractor is a machine that’s absolutely essential for the farmers and not meant for luxury, you need not get a designer tractor for this issue. Depending upon your requirement it’s possible to purchase a tractor which will provide you the utmost productivity. After the chicken tractor is more substantial, you might need to add wheels on it to make it simpler to move.

Ask about the year of manufacture, access to spare pieces and the implements required, regarding the support system and the way to add weight which will let you run your Kubota tractors smoothly. Even the used tractors from Goulburn are the absolute most admired ones around the world. With the mower turned off sit on the seat and set your hands on both large levers before you. A couple of the high-end industrial Kubota mowers Goulburn are nowadays using enclosed cast iron hydros. People can select any tractor based on their requirement. Based on whether you’re searching for a second hand tractor for your acreage or you’re likely to begin restoring for fun you will clearly select a different kind of tractor.

A primary source of pride and enjoyment is often credited to the simple fact that they are sometimes restored almost perfectly to their original condition. Find land with good soil and the most suitable climate for specific crops should you want to grow produce. Obtain farm equipment based on the kind of livestock or crops you want. In case the farm is just a pastime, then registering the farm for a business isn’t required. Starting a little farm may be a rewarding endeavor for anybody who has ever wished to manage livestock, raise crops and take pleasure in the rural way of life.

If you’re searching best farm machinery Goulburn dealers near you, then we’re confident your search is at pinnacle whenever you’re here! We also repair your tractor for you whether you’re unable to do it yourself. The buyer should have a professional inspection of any used tractors prior to making the final thing. He can rest assured that the used tractor that would be made available to him would be of the best quality. Lender receives the assurance of not only you but of somebody else, if you are not successful in payoff.

The Environment and Common Sense

Most farmers in Australia regard themselves as custodians and protectors of the countryside.

Yes, mistakes have been made in the past and nobody is suggesting that the farming community is perfect. However, given most farmers earn their living from the land they are not likely to treat it with extreme disrespect.

Over many years now though, both state and national governments have passed increasing numbers of environmental protection laws that appear to suggest that confidence in the farming community is less than total.  Some of these laws appear to make little or no sense and in some cases, even contradict each other.

At this stage, we’d like to shift the focus over to France.  Like Australia, many European countries over the last 20 years have passed increasingly aggressive environmental protection laws and some are arguing that these have gone too far.

We read of a situation recently where numbers of French villages are becoming completely overrun with weeds in their very centres because laws now state:

  1. herbicides cannot be used under any circumstances, where said weeds are near any form of water course or drain system;
  2. even if pulled manually, bonfires/incinerators can no longer be used to dispose of garden or agricultural waste;

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Sit-on Lawnmowers and Safety


As we’ve said many times before, lawnmowers are intrinsically safe devices – providing you use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions and downright common sense.

Of course, any new or used farm machinery, including lawnmowers, can be dangerous if the user is determined to be careless.

Space here doesn’t allow us to go into a lot of detail and that will anyway all be contained within the manufacturer’s guide for the sit-on lawnmower you are using.

So instead, we’ll pick out a few absolute top-tips for the safe utilisation of sit-on lawnmowers:

Read the operating guide!  There’s no point it containing lots of great safety advice if it’s never read;

Comply with the guide.  There’s no point it containing safety information that the operator has read, if they then go out and do exactly the opposite when using their lawnmower;

Don’t let people, typically those that are younger and inexperienced, operate a sit-on lawnmower unless they have been fully trained.  Be careful also that younger and more exuberant people don’t think it’s a toy they can “horse around” on;

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NSW Police Campaign for Safer Driving


We were reading recently about a campaign by NSW police to try and do something about the unacceptably high level of serious accidents and fatalities on rural roads in the state.

So we are going to move away for once from talking about Kubota tractors and agricultural equipment and say a few words instead in support of this initiative

The basic police proposition is simple: “there is no such thing as a road accident – only bad driving choices.”

We reckon that’s pretty much correct though of course there might be the odd theoretical exception.  For example, a blowout at speed can be a problem and it’s not something that you necessarily can influence much one way or the other.

Even so, the police’s point is sound. There is simply too much drink-driving, speeding and aggressive driving on our roads.

Of course, this isn’t just an issue for NSW because it is an Australia-wide problem.

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Garden Equipment – FAQs


A lot depends here upon the type of equipment you are speaking about.

For a start, anything that is electrically powered should be thoroughly checked out by someone qualified before you plug it in and start trying to use it.

The same is obviously true of anything powered by an internal combustion engine. If you buy something that is, to put it bluntly, in a mess, then you may spend a long time regretting it and writing out some hefty cheques to try and put things right.

In the case of manual tools, providing the price is right and they’re in good condition, you should have no issues.

For anything more complicated, buying second-hand can be a good way of saving money but it might be prudent to only buy from an experienced and registered dealer in agricultural and garden equipment.

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Kubota and Space


We are writing this blog just 24 hours after the massive TV coverage of Elon Musk’s huge rocket launch in the USA.

It’s impossible not to admire anyone who has their old sports car sent into deep space with a dummy strapped in the seat whilst David Bowie’s “Space Oddity is playing on an endless loop and “DON’T PANIC” (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy), is displayed on the radio’s screen in the dashboard. It’ll apparently orbit around the sun at the same distance as Mars, where it’s assumed it will remain for at least 300million years.

Showmanship? Yes – but impressive for all that

Whilst watching all this, I guess, we were struck by the millions of young people all over the world who were enthralled by the event and the sight of a big rocket lifting off.  That was rather strange for anyone much over the age of about 55, for whom the memories of the days when giant rockets were lifting off routinely on the way to the moon are probably very clear! Read more about………Kubota and Space.