Kubota and Space


We are writing this blog just 24 hours after the massive TV coverage of Elon Musk’s huge rocket launch in the USA.

It’s impossible not to admire anyone who has their old sports car sent into deep space with a dummy strapped in the seat whilst David Bowie’s “Space Oddity is playing on an endless loop and “DON’T PANIC” (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy), is displayed on the radio’s screen in the dashboard. It’ll apparently orbit around the sun at the same distance as Mars, where it’s assumed it will remain for at least 300million years.

Showmanship? Yes – but impressive for all that

Whilst watching all this, I guess, we were struck by the millions of young people all over the world who were enthralled by the event and the sight of a big rocket lifting off.  That was rather strange for anyone much over the age of about 55, for whom the memories of the days when giant rockets were lifting off routinely on the way to the moon are probably very clear! Read more about………Kubota and Space.

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