NSW Police Campaign for Safer Driving


We were reading recently about a campaign by NSW police to try and do something about the unacceptably high level of serious accidents and fatalities on rural roads in the state.

So we are going to move away for once from talking about Kubota tractors and agricultural equipment and say a few words instead in support of this initiative

The basic police proposition is simple: “there is no such thing as a road accident – only bad driving choices.”

We reckon that’s pretty much correct though of course there might be the odd theoretical exception.  For example, a blowout at speed can be a problem and it’s not something that you necessarily can influence much one way or the other.

Even so, the police’s point is sound. There is simply too much drink-driving, speeding and aggressive driving on our roads.

Of course, this isn’t just an issue for NSW because it is an Australia-wide problem.

For more details, please visit – https://www.whitestractors.com.au/blog/342-nsw-police-campaign-for-safer-driving.html

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