Sit-on Lawnmowers and Safety


As we’ve said many times before, lawnmowers are intrinsically safe devices – providing you use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions and downright common sense.

Of course, any new or used farm machinery, including lawnmowers, can be dangerous if the user is determined to be careless.

Space here doesn’t allow us to go into a lot of detail and that will anyway all be contained within the manufacturer’s guide for the sit-on lawnmower you are using.

So instead, we’ll pick out a few absolute top-tips for the safe utilisation of sit-on lawnmowers:

Read the operating guide!  There’s no point it containing lots of great safety advice if it’s never read;

Comply with the guide.  There’s no point it containing safety information that the operator has read, if they then go out and do exactly the opposite when using their lawnmower;

Don’t let people, typically those that are younger and inexperienced, operate a sit-on lawnmower unless they have been fully trained.  Be careful also that younger and more exuberant people don’t think it’s a toy they can “horse around” on;

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