The Environment and Common Sense

Most farmers in Australia regard themselves as custodians and protectors of the countryside.

Yes, mistakes have been made in the past and nobody is suggesting that the farming community is perfect. However, given most farmers earn their living from the land they are not likely to treat it with extreme disrespect.

Over many years now though, both state and national governments have passed increasing numbers of environmental protection laws that appear to suggest that confidence in the farming community is less than total.  Some of these laws appear to make little or no sense and in some cases, even contradict each other.

At this stage, we’d like to shift the focus over to France.  Like Australia, many European countries over the last 20 years have passed increasingly aggressive environmental protection laws and some are arguing that these have gone too far.

We read of a situation recently where numbers of French villages are becoming completely overrun with weeds in their very centres because laws now state:

  1. herbicides cannot be used under any circumstances, where said weeds are near any form of water course or drain system;
  2. even if pulled manually, bonfires/incinerators can no longer be used to dispose of garden or agricultural waste;

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