Using your Tractor with a Geiger-Counter in your Hand

The Kubota MX5100

Just occasionally, we wander off from the serious business of farming and agricultural equipment when something rather unusual catches our eye.

One such example occurred recently when, quite by chance, we saw an article or rather brief note relating to a nuclear-powered tractor developed a long time ago.

This immediately struck us as a mixture of incredible and hilarious. We had mental images of farmers around Goulburn driving their tractors in lead-lined anti-radiation suits. We couldn’t help smiling also at the thought of our customers bringing equipment into us and our first action being to run over them with a Geiger counter!

OK, this is largely a bit of fun but incredible as it sounds, there were plans in the 1950s and 1960s to use nuclear-powered tractors.  One such photo of a prototype is included here.

The idea, of course, is that such tractors run forever and on an unlimited range basis, given they virtually never need fuelling.  Of course, the practicality of this meant it never happened and the potential health issues, even in a full shielding scenario, are too horrific to contemplate.

For more details, please visit –

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