Tree Cutting – Be Careful


Now a lot of our great agricultural equipment and Kubota tractors themselves, can play a part in tree cutting. That’s great and most people, with a little practice and experience, can master the safe operation of a chainsaw.

Problems often arise though in one of three areas:

trees or branches falling on the person who has just cut them down (or bystanders/helpers);

people falling out of trees;

accidents due to inappropriate or absent safety equipment.

So, here are a few friendly safety reminders.

  1.  If you can afford it, get a professional in. If you can’t, question if the work is REALLY necessary right now;

2.  Take trees down in manageable top-down stages if you can. It’s safer.

3. Using ladders whilst wielding a chainsaw is simply an accident waiting to   happen. Don’t do it. Read more Tree Cutting – Be Careful

Kubota in Australia

After 40 years in Australia, Kubota’s reputation for reliability, engineering excellence and innovation keeps growing. As orange lovers all over thecountry will tell you, “once a Kubota owner, always a Kubota owner.”

With a range that sets the benchmark for the industry, there’s a Kubota to suit just about every application, right up to our flagship, the mighty M7-1, Kubota’s most powerful tractor ever. With our special 40 month / 40 year anniversary finance offer, now’s the time to join the celebrations!


YES- its official huge changes at White’s Tractors!!


We have out grown our site … and we are moving.

We passed full capacity… Something had to go…things had to change…

1st change:

We have stopped doing diesel pump and injectors and repairs to trucks and 4 wheel drives because the demand on the Kubota side of our business is so big…

…and Kubota is our passion…

2nd Change:

 We have increased our staff…Our staff now consists of

Andrew and Myself

Mitchell our Son sales and service

Noel Henderson – new service manager

Darrin  -senior mechanic

Evan – mechanic

Noel Holding– assembly, deliveries

Jackson- 2nd year apprentice

So to fit everyone in… we needed a bigger shed…

We will have 2 more opportunities for…

New passionate staff Too join us… once we have moved

1 to join me in the office and a mechanic to join our team on farm and in workshop…→

3rd change

 The best news is the new shed is 2 doors down…

50-58 Robinson st Goulburn 2100m2 with 600m2 awning (Our dream shed)

We have always driven past it and said it would be perfect for us.

The plan is to move in September.

The whole team is really excited and pitching in to help set up… the expansion will allow us to serve you better, more efficient and to increase our stock of everything…

As you can imagine we have thousands and thousands of spare parts to move…

so we may need an extra smile and wave or toot if your passing by as we carry it down the street…

also…we feel the building of curiosity…  on what we are creating…

Stay tuned for our opening date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle White

PS we will confirm moving date to 50-58 Robinson St as soon as the paint dries…

White’s Tractors Pty Ltd, a team of highly trained professionals who know their way around all areas of the agricultural industry and agricultural machinery. We have a wide range of kubota tractors, kubota mowers, utility vehicles, hay equipment in Goulburn.

How to Sterilise Soil


This is a question we’re asked regularly. It’s usually from gardeners who keep looking at that old discarded compost pile and wondering what to do with it.

Well, let’s leave to one side those issues to do with Green approaches for the moment or feeding the compost again. The chances are, if you have such a pile, you might want to dig it in or use it in your pots but not if the result is going to be lots of inherited weeds strangling your beloved plants or nicely nurtured bugs chomping on them.

So, here are a few ideas – though none of them include Kubota Tractors for once!

  1. Bake your compost. Make sure it’s in oven-proof containers and stick them into the oven at about 80-100C for half an hour or so. HEALTH WARNING – unless you want to find yourself swinging from the rafters, make sure that whoever is normally considered to be ‘in charge’ of the kitchen and appliances (if not you) is either kept fully in the dark or consulted in advance.
  2. Place your proto-compost into microwave-proof dishes and simply zap them at full power. The tricky bit here is time because a lot of advice varies on this one. Look this up on the net and form your own view. You’re also unlikely to be able to produce big quantities this way. HEALTH ADVICE – as above!
  3. Steam the soil. This is perhaps the most widely used and basically involves passing steam through and around the compost at around 100C for perhaps 30 to 90 minutes (times may vary depending upon quantities). The advantage of steam is that you can be sure the temperature won’t get too high because much above 100C and you’ll start destroying the nutrients in the soil too. Remember the internal temperature of the soil must be at around 100C – not just the outside.

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Photos of a White Kangaroo


Many ‘old timers’ have quite a few stories to tell about strange things they’ve seen while out and about in the countryside.

We’ve certainly heard tales about the white kangaroo and maybe smiled but recently up in WA, somebody has seen one and this time caught it on camera.

This isn’t the first time that farmers have been laughed at when reporting strange sights. In many cases, unfortunately, they’ve had to put up with it for the rest of their lives because they just didn’t have a camera available to back up their version of events. However, with the mobile phone, that’s now all changing.

No doubt some of these fantastic stories can be attributed to perhaps having had one too many at the local or an over-active imagination but the world’s a strange place. The mobile phone’s camera might start to prove that more and more in the years ahead.

Anyway, while we were pondering this, it gave us an idea for our newsletter.

We know that you already send in some of your photos using your Kubota mowers/tractors or Krone Hay Equipment etc. We’re very grateful for those – so please keep them coming.

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Your Lawnmower Won’t Start? Top Tips


We get the odd call along these lines – usually from someone who hasn’t purchased through us.

OK, we’re bragging! Apologies…

If you’re in this position though, here are a few top tips about things to consider or try:

  1. do you have fuel? Please don’t find this patronising – it’s actually surprising how many people try to start a mower when the tank’s dry. On a related note, if your engine has a fuel line switch, check that’s set to ‘on’ as well;
  2. check your spark plug – if your system uses such. If it’s dirty and corroded, then replace it;
  3. is the fuel new or new-ish? Starting up with a tank full of “last season’s” fuel can sometimes be a problem. Drain it down, replace and try again;
  4. if you have a manual choke, is it working? Trace the cables and pull them to see if it is;
  5. you may need to check your mower’s ignition system (e.g. pull cords and gaps etc.) There are a few ways of doing this and it depends on the system you use – it might be worth giving us a call. Zero turn mowers, Goulburn visitors will discover, aren’t our only speciality;

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Nutty Talk


We’ve seen a lot of talk in Australian farming circles recently about how to better market nuts.

Now let’s forgo all the obvious jokes, well, apart from the title of this blog (apologies for that!) and get down to business – and this is nothing to do with tractors for sale, Goulburn or elsewhere!

Apparently, a lot of the discussion is about trying to do two things:

  1. market them more effectively to what people call the “Millennials”, which seem to be those youngsters that are about 16-18 right now and;
  2. reduce or put into perspective, those concerns about allergic reactions etc.

In terms of the first point above, it seems as if young people see nuts as brain food – something that can directly stimulate the cognitive processes.

The marketing people want to pick up and expand on this, reasoning correctly that younger people aren’t worried about their cardio-vascular systems and the health benefits of nuts in those respects. They think that’s an issue for old-timers. They are though, more receptive to the evidence that eating a sensible quantity of nuts on a regular basis can help stimulate aspects of your grey cells and what they’re up to.

So, expect to see a lot of marketing shortly stressing the benefits of nuts for boosting brainpower.

The negative health issue implications are trickier.  It is clear that some people can have allergic reactions to nuts and that it’s seemingly more commonplace today than it was in the past, so far as we know.  Quite why that is doesn’t seem to be clear.

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Spotlight And Offer – M7

M 7-1 series 0% p.a. promotional interest rate


Take advantage of Kubota’s competitive finance rate of 0% p.a. on M7-1 series tractors for a limited time only! See details below.


Term 36 months

Repayment frequency monthly

Minimum deposit 20%

Minimum financed amount $4,000

Credit criteria, terms and conditions apply

Offer expires 30/06/2017

Offer is only available for ABN holders who are using the equipment predominantly for business purposes. Credit provided by Kubota Tractor Australia Pty Ltd ABN 72005300621, Australian Credit License Number 442007. Terms, conditions, fees charges and credit criteria apply.

Specifically designed for the farming professional who wants a versatile and hard-working tractor, the M7-1 is powered by a next-generation 6.1 litre, four-cylinder diesel engine, incorporating Kubota’s clean-air technology and available in 130HP, 150HP or 170HP variants.

Kubota’s vision for a tractor that makes farming more efficient while working in harmony with the earth is now a reality. It’s perfecting this delicate balance that makes the M7-1 the future of farming.

The seriously versatile Kubota M7-1 series has raised the standard for mid-sized tractors. From the entry level, powerful STANDARD models through to the precision-farming-ready PREMIUM models topped with KVT variable transmission, there is an M7-1 to suit your farming operation.

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Do You Exercise Enough?

GR series.jpg

Once again, we suspect our title here has caused a few people to blink twice.

How can anyone working in farming not get enough exercise? Surely the idea’s ridiculous?

Well, maybe not.

Let’s be provocative for a second. We’re not saying it’s the same thing as driving a family car but if you’ve just spent more or less the entire day behind the wheel of a tractor then you might not have got a lot of exercises.

Climbing in or out of the cab a few times to check something or have lunch, doesn’t quite count. It’s also possible you’ve just spent a lot of hours ‘doing the books’ or repairing/cleaning equipment. That’s two more examples of time-intensive work on a farm where exercise isn’t involved.

There might be many others too.

Now it’s true we’re experts in things like Kubota garden care equipment and agricultural machinery rather than medical science but all of us should be aware of the need to get daily physical exercise of one sort or another. The health benefits are no longer speculative but clear.

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Top Garden Lawnmower FAQs


Here are some of the most commonly heard FAQs covering domestic lawnmowers.

What are the advantages of electric rotary cutters?

Typically, these are nowadays encountered in smaller domestic environments.

As their name suggests, they’re usually an electric motor driven by a lead connection to the mains supply. The motor drives a circular rotating blade or sometimes a plastic cord.

Their big plus points are usually that they’re light to manoeuvre and can be quite effective mowing at steep angles. They’re also usually fairly simple in design and maintenance terms.

On the downside, they’re not usually considered viable for larger areas and trailing electric cables can be a concern both in terms of range and safety (use a circuit breaker when using one of these).

Are zero turn mowers dangerous on slopes and uneven ground?

No – this reputation goes back to some teething troubles back in the very early days of this type of mower. That was a LONG time ago now!

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that almost any sit-on mower will bring with it certain safety advice relating to the maximum angle of inclination it can be safely driven up. The manual will also usually recommend safe driving techniques for when you’re on uneven or sloped ground.

Do NOT ignore these – whether you have a zero turn mower or any other type.

Do I need to clean down my mower after every use?

This is a tricky one that people get hot under the collar about!

While many ‘old timers’ will fastidiously clean down their mowers after each use, it’s probably not really necessary.  Given the R&D sums invested on making something like top-quality Kubota garden care equipment robust and weather proof, it would clearly be crazy to assume they’re going to fall to pieces just because one night you didn’t get a few blades of damp grass off them!

However, don’t take this too far and get complacent. There is a best practice cleaning routine that should be adopted at the end of each use. The details of that will usually be contained within the user guide for the mower concerned.

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